About Us

Airtek Systems Inc. carries a full line of air compressors of various drive and operational methods in order to offer our customers a full array of products that meet the needs of their individual applications requirements.

You will find a wide variety of portable air compressors including above deck, underhood and hydraulically driven. With Airtek Systems Inc. you will also find a line of Hydraulic Supply Units.

In addition to the most comprehensive line up of air compressors available in the industry, Airtek Systems Inc. also offers independent hydraulic supply units as well as optional hydraulic supply units and generators for their line of diesel driven air compressors.

Airtek Systems Inc. will customize and service your air compressor to meet your requirements.

Airtek Systems Inc continues to serve Airworks, Vanair and VMAC customer needs with a full line of product parts, accessories and full servicing available by our specialists in addition to servicing any air compressor on the market today.

With an unwavering dedication to our customers, Airtek Systems Inc. is the leader in delivering the power and performance to help meet your specific needs.